Asylum Legal Advice

Our team of asylum and migration law lawyers advise and support refugees and other migrants in their cases and related issues. The advice is free of charge.

We offer personal advice and support you regarding any legal questions in asylum or migration matters. As part of this advice we assess your prospects of receiving leave to remain in Austria. Furthermore, we are able to advise you regarding the necessary administrative procedures, the legal situation in your individual case, and can explain the effect and meaning of any decisions made by the immigration authorities. We can also draft and lodge documents with the authorities to ensure that your rights in your case are protected.

Legal Services

  • Clarification of the perspectives in your asylum claim
  • Information regarding your individual legal situation
  • we are able to prepare you for interviews in front of the asylum and immigration authorities or in front of the court. 
  • we draft any necessary documents or appeals
  • we explain decisions made by the authorities or courts in your asylum or migration case
  • depending on our capacity we may be able to offer you continuous support in your legal case

You need help?

Our legal advisers for refugee-law are available in our advice centre from Mo-Fr 08:00-13:00. 

We advise on a first come first served basis. Once our daily capacity is full we are unable to accept any more cases on that day. Therefore, we suggest that you arrive early at the advice centre.

Please make sure you bring all relevant documents with you.

We have translators and therefore are able to advise you in the following languages in addition to German: Russian, Dari/Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, Chinese and Somali.

For questions regarding residency and citizenship-law please contact us by phone from Mo-Fr 13:00 to 15:00 at 051780-2699.

Other organisations offering legal advice in Austria can be found on the homepage of the UNHCR.