Voices for Peace

Four months have passed since Putin's terrible attack on Ukraine. For four months, the lives of many people from Ukraine have changed forever. Especially for the youngest, it has had terrible consequences. Their childhood has been interrupted. Around 4.5 million children were forcibly displaced as a result of the ongoing fighting.

We want to give you a short break and ceaselessly promote peace. To do this, we publish read stories and children's songs,  which we receive from people all over the world. 

  • Voices for all children affected by war. 
  • Voices for the 8 million internally displaced persons. 
  • Voices for 4.9 million people fleeing outside of Ukraine.
  • Voices for a Europe of Peace.
  • Voices for all children fleeing because music knows no borders, it connects.

All stories are childfriendly and checked by us. Anyone with a smartphone can participate.

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Fabio Cannalonga

Project lead "Voices for Peace"